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Discipleship: Building Spiritual habits

Discipleship is more than a one-time decision to follow Jesus. It is more than coming to Youth Group. It is more than coming to church and hearing a message and singing some songs. Discipleship is about LIFE. A life journey with Jesus that starts now and last forever. Our discipleship strategy helps and encourages students to take steps, no matter where they are starting from, in owning their faith and joining God in His mission.

Our strategy includes building and developing four spiritual habits throughout the year (note: this is not a checklist to accomplish; it is a guide for students to use as they grow and mature in their faith). These four habits are: 

spend time with god

In the fall, we'll focus on the spiritual habit of spending time with God individually through personal spiritual disciplines, right when the school year starts to help our students build and establish healthy rhythms and routines as the year progresses.

This year (2022-2023), we want to distribute Bible reading plans with a goal of every student in our ministry engaging in at least four 7-day plans.

spend time with others

In the winter, we'll focus on the spiritual habit of community, when teenagers are naturally engaging with friends and family members because of the upcoming holidays and ongoing school calendar (when friendships are growing and developing).

This year (2022-2023), we will distribute small group conversation starters to help groups have better conversations.

Share Your Story

In the spring, we'll focus on the spiritual habit of sharing your story when Easter is on the way. This will help prepare students for the upcoming summer mission experiences as well as learn to engage their friends and classmates in more meaningful ways.

This year (2022-2023), we will incorporate a story-telling segment during Wednesday Night Youth Group and challenge students to share stories of faith outside of church. 

Use Your Gifts

In the summer, we'll focus on the spiritual habit of knowing and using your gifts to serve God and others, when missions experiences and other service opportunities are available allowing students to actually be the "hands and feet" of Jesus.

This year (2022-2023), we will empower students to create a fundraiser or special service project to help students make a difference in someone's life.