UPDATE: All Wednesday Activities (Dig In, Youth Group, and Adult Bible Study) are canceled for tonight 1/17/24 due to LCPS closures and icy conditions throughout the county.

MFuge Trip Journal: Day 6 (June 12) - Wrappin' Up & Heading Home

Today we head back home after an amazing week of worship and service!

The photos below are of us and some of our new friends:
From left to right (and top to bottom):
  • Savannah and Abigail with Kellie from the worship band: Kellie and Kristen
  • Mr. Doodles painting (silly puppet video played every morning; another student painted this and now it is in Pastor Kris' office)
  • Fuge staffers
  • MBC with Emmy (our MFuge site director) and Huey (our Church Group Host)
  • MBC with Emmy and Huey and Heather (a new friend from another church)

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