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World Changers Trip Journal 2023: Day 5 - I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone

Well, what a start to the day…

Cloudy. Heavy rain. Forecast of hail.

Around 10am though what did we get? Sunshine! It was also Abby’s BIRTHDAY!!!!
(And of course we sang to her!)

Parker and Savannah finished the deck/ramp/stairs and then we’re moved to a new site where they shoveled cement and did various other things. All I know is Parker showed back up with dirt all over his face.

Mrs. June and Ashlyn started off at the roofing place cleaning up debris. Then they went to multiple sites to redo/rebuild stairs to fit the spaces better. We also learned that Mrs. June apparently was the real crew chief correcting the measurements between steps. It was also great to hear Ashlyn pray over the lunches during the week.

Mr. Chris and Abby started out pressure washing a porch their crew spilled paint on during the week. Then they arrived at a site where the homeowner ended up yelling at the crew about the projects they were engaged in. Mr. Chris took the boys in the crew to a site where they pulled weeds and dug up bushes. Then the crew regathered and did various painting and landscaping work.  Then Mr. Chris got lost and ended up in a different township.

PK and Camden went back to the Marina where we finished four total docks. We did receive some pushback from boat owners because we were getting dirt on their boats while power washing. We concluded our site work by returning to a house we had been at earlier in the week and hanging shutters and painting high trim on the corners of the house.

During Project Celebration and worship we reflected on everything that happened throughout the week and Abby was featured in the official Project Cam (we will link to that when World Changers posts it). We had a wonderful evening of worship concluding the week with a reminder from Pastor Andrew that just as Boaz was Naomi and Ruth’s redeemer, Jesus is our redeemer.

After packing up some of our stuff, we helped the World Changers staff unload and pack up their stuff. Then it was off to bed for a 5:00am wake up time.

Heading back home tomorrow!

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