UPDATE: All Wednesday Activities (Dig In, Youth Group, and Adult Bible Study) are canceled for tonight 1/17/24 due to LCPS closures and icy conditions throughout the county.

MFuge 2022 Trip Journal Day 4 (June 23) - MEGA @ NIGHT!!!

Today was Mega Relay day at Fuge. And it was at night.

This is one of the staples of Fuge. It literally is a giant relay race!
Aside from Mega, we had our final day on site. Even though we were all spread out in different groups some wonderful things happened. Where I personally was we partnered with a local organization to hold an event in the park. We engaged with local kids while also helping establish strong rapport with their local organizations and authorities. One boy we spent a lot of time with this week even asked when we would be back. It was very difficult to tell him we weren't coming back the next day...
We had another great night of worship and Pastor Derek brought a very strong message about Matchless Forgiveness and challenged us to do some "forgiveness business" right then, tonight, or as soon as we get home.

Coming home tomorrow!

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