UPDATE: All Wednesday Activities (Dig In, Youth Group, and Adult Bible Study) are canceled for tonight 1/17/24 due to LCPS closures and icy conditions throughout the county.

MFuge 2022 Trip Journal: Day 2 (June 21) - Off To Work We Go

Today is the first full day of Fuge, and today we hit our sites for the first time. While our team was divided up amongst three different groups we did everything from children's ministry/evangelism in parks to helping sort goods in a local distribution center.

Our theme this year is Matchless One - talking bout how Jesus is unmatched in history. There has never been anyone like Him nd there will never be anyone else like Him.

Today we focused on the idea of sacrifice through the account of Abraham and Isaac. One big idea that rang out for me personally is how many of us think we are/have sacrificed but the truth is we have not. Sacrifice is intended to cost us something. It should have life altering impact.

One of the pictures you will see below includes our church group host, Caitlyn. She is truly one of the best Fuge staffers I have ever worked with in the 6 years I have done this. Her heart for the Lord, her excitement for our students, her prayerful Spirit - she even called the week before Fuge nd prayed with me over the phone, nd her enthusiasm for Fuge exceeds anything I could ask for.

In the evening, we participated in Night Life - which this year was a programmed party led by the emcee using silent disco headphones. Let's just say that June and The Boys took to this way better than I imagined.

Check back tomorrow...

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