UPDATE: All Wednesday Activities (Dig In, Youth Group, and Adult Bible Study) are canceled for tonight 1/17/24 due to LCPS closures and icy conditions throughout the county.

MFuge Trip Journal 2023: Day 1 (June 5) - The Eagle Has Landed!

Our team made it to Ridgecrest safely and ON TIME AGAIN!!

We are here in the Black Mountains of North Carolina and it is good to be surrounded by 1300+ people from all over the United States (and from as far away as Florida and Mississippi). Kellie and Kristen are leading us in worship again and their heart for worshiping God and their intentionality for every song in their set is amazing. They do not just sing songs that are popular, but rather every song is chosen intentionally to fit the theme and is prayed over before building it into a set.

We are excited to be here and learn from Pastor Cliff Jordan (Movement Church in Richmond, VA)!!! He is teaching us how God's Word is a serious business and that even though life doesn't always look like it, we are created in the image of God who brings order out of chaos and beautifying the emptiness.

Tomorrow we get into the full schedule and work of being God's people and serving His people!

Stay tuned for more details and more crazy socks...

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